Åsa & Jimmy

To begin this story we’d like to tell you about how we came about to shoot this wedding.

Last December, Swedish Radio P3 hosted a show called “Musikhjälpen”.
(Musikhjälpen is a charity show, read more on their facebook page).

Basically it allows you to donate some money in exchange for them playing a song of your choice. But it also allows for people and businesses to set up an auction for a product/service/whatever. Whoever wins the auction gets the prize and all the money goes to charity. Awesome, right?

Said and done we got an auction up and running. Åsa & Jimmy ended up donated a fair amount of money so we came to shoot their wonderful wedding.

The wedding included a beautiful beach ceremony on Saltö and a lovely venue, Resö Gamla Skola. (Resö Old School). What a wedding! We’re so happy to have been given the opportunity to shoot their wedding. They were awesome.

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