Bröllopsfotograf Mariestad
Portrait session – a 2014 project
2014 will be the most awesome year so far. We have a bunch of fun things we barely can't wait for and we have a bunch of personal projects, and this is one of them. One portrait, each day, all year. 365 portraits, or portrait sessions if you have the time. Are you interested in doing one? Just send us an email or go to the conta ...
LOVE session, Vik, Iceland
This LOVE session from Vik, Iceland with Kjartan & Chantal was one of a kind. Iceland is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its raw nature and varied landscapes speaks to you in a way I never thought was possible. And the contrast between that raw harsh scenery and the beauty of love, that's where the magic ...
Barcelona Wedding Photographer
Love session – Barcelona, Spain
There's always love. Wherever you go. During some vacation time in Barcelona this autumn one of us did a Love session. And that's really what it is, a photo session where we want to capture you and your love. You don't need to get married to make us take your photos, we can do that anyway. And you don't have to live in an amazin ...
Wedding Photographer 2013
Wedding photography 2013
2013. This year have been a journey for both of us. We've been through a lot, both personal and business-wise. We’ve both grown as the people, photographers and as respective others we are. 2013 was our first years together. It was late 2012 when we started “doing” The Wedding Guys. It had gone from just a sketch in our heads t ...
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Bröllop i Mariestad
Yesterday we had a little meeting with wedding related businesses in Mariestad. Hairdresser, flowers and so on. The idea behind it was simple, to collect the top of the line of wedding related businesses in Mariestad. We now got a website together, so if you search the web for "bröllop i mariestad" or "bröllopsfotograf i mariest ...
Fine art wedding albums
We love pictures. It's as simple as that. No shit you say? We think that pictures is one of the few things you got left after your wedding day. You will have the rings of course, and you will have the memories. But, with pictures, you will have so much more. You will have memories of details, who did what, who sat where, y ...
turkey wedding photographer
Turkey wedding photographer
Hi blog. Turkey. A few weeks back I (Ben) went to Turkey with my brother, Joakim, my cousin, Anton and my grandfather, Arne. Not knowing what to expect of Turkey I was surprised. The part we visited (South Western, Lycia) was gorgeous. The scenery was stunning and when you got away from the tourist-streets it was cozy, warm an ...
Destination Wedding Photography – Strömstad – Musikhjälpen
Yesteday (sunday 24th march) we went to Strömstad to meet the groom of the couple that won the donation auction we ran for Musikhjälpen.  Unfortunately we didn't get to meet the bride since she was away in spain on a hike with her mother. Nevertheless we scouted the location for the wedding and got to know Jimmy a fair bit. Jimmy i ...
Gili air wedding photographer
Gili Islands Wedding Photographer
André has visited Bali for two weeks, and this is his words and pictures from the trip. Because of the amount of pictures we will divide them into three or four blog posts, and we'll start with the Gili Islands. Gili Islands is one hell of an amazing place. It's just like those magic little islands you see on the tv, or read abo ...
bryllupsfotograf lofoten
Bryllupsfotograf Lofoten
(Benjamin writing) Att bli Bryllupsfotograf Lofoten... I've been to northern Norway two times now. And I still can't get my head around it because it's such a stunning place. I'd really love to know how to explain it, or even better, take the perfect picture which will describe every emotion that's gone through my body while trave ...