50's wedding hair
Gabriella & Christoffer
Love and Laughter. Kurorten Mösseberg, Falköping. This sweet 50's style wedding took place on the fabulous and famous spa Mössebergs Kurort. A place where many go to get away, relax and just to enjoy life. With a long and rigid history that dates back to the late 1800s. This spa has a unique feel and is truly a beautiful place ...
Engagement session – Meeting with the couple
It's not every wedding that we have the possibility to meet and chat with the bride and groom to be before the actual wedding day. But sometimes we do. This couple have their wedding not that far away from our hometown so today we met and walked around, looked at some spots for the portraits and the place of the ceremony. And of co ...
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International destination wedding photographer
This winter both of us will travel a lot. We have a couple of destinations set, and if you're in one of theese locations or nearby, please don't hesitate to contact us, we would love to get in touch with you and take your picture! Wether it's a wedding, a love session with you and your love, a proposal or something else you would l ...
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Love is awesome. Take care of each other. Love.
2012 summary
2012. What a year. When we shot these weddings we had no clue what so ever about anything of this. But we knew. WE ARE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS. André was "Fotograf André Nordblom", Benjamin was "Benjamin Rudström". We shot by ourselves, and we did good. But sometimes we both felt that working together would be better. If the ...
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Exclusive wedding album
We like quality. We want quality. We are quality. Therefore we just have quality albums. Albums that not only look good, they feels good, they smells good. They are good. We have chosen a album which is handcrafted. The cover with it's eco-leather give it a luxurious feel you can't find elsewhere. The paper is thick fine art ...
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Bröllopsfotograf i Mariestad – Mariestad wedding photographer • Susanne & Svante
[bra_blockquote align='']A great gathering of friends![/bra_blockquote] (Benjamin Writing..) A warm day in July, my father was to be married. To this wonderful woman. This has a huge back story but It doesn't belong here. This is just for these two lovely people who make my life a little bit better every time i see them. My Fat ...
A trip to stockholm. /Ben's Diary
Hi. I just got back from Stockholm and I'd like to share some photos with you. Get to know us a bit more maybe. For this matter, I've created two blogging categories. "Andrés Diary" and "Benjamins Diary". These might not be so active but now and then we'll bring in a post so you can get to know us a little more personally. So ...
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Sofia & Helge
 [bra_blockquote align='']Unbelievable[/bra_blockquote]     That's my first thought when I left the wedding party. Spending 13 hours with this couple under one day is not a job, it's a gift. It is this kind of days when you realize that it's not the wedding day you get paid for, it's the time behind the computer. ...
Johanna & David
David contacted me a long time before their wedding. He and his wife to be Johanna where going to marry each other on the swedish west coast. The wedding ceremony where held in Bovallstrand and the party in Ulebergshamn. It didn't take many seconds before I said yes. Who doesn't want to capture a wedding couple in this beatutiful e ...