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Greece Wedding Photographer
Hi, and welcome! The Wedding Guys are two wedding photographers who shoot together. We have made this page for you because you need a Wedding Photographer in Greece, right? Now you don't have to look anymore, here we are! We are based in Europe and we love to travel, in fact we will do pretty much anything to travel. Another thi ...
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Xufe & Ahmet
[bra_blockquote align='']Nervous[/bra_blockquote]     This was my first wedding. Maybe the second wedding I've ever attended. I had Tuana with me, shooting the whole thing on film, and my girlfriend assisting us. But bloody hell, I was nervous. The day before it was midsummer day and I had a couple of beers, ot ...
Pernilla & John
[bra_blockquote align='']Laugh[/bra_blockquote]     My second wedding in the Hunnebostrand-area this summer. I'm a lucky dude. Environment. The smell of salt ocean. Fishbird. I have been here almost every summer since my birth. Memories are everywhere. I actually met my love here, Ida. My cousin and I ...
Winter wedding
Winter. It's cold. It's snow everywhere. It's clothes and then more clothes. And a little bit more clothes. On and off. Shoes. Wet socks. Almost not daylight. And there's love. It doesn't matter wether it's winter, spring, summer or autumn. The love will always be there. And we are all unique. I for example, I love wint ...
Vi donerer ett bröllop till Musikhjälpen
This is to our swedish customers. UPPDATERAD: Auktionen slutade på 8120 SEK som gick direkt in på Musikhjälpens konto! Tack alla som la bud och donerade pengar till barnen i slummens rätt till rent vatten! Vi har ett grymt strandbröllop i Strömstad att se fram emot! Vi donerer ett bröllop till Musikhjälpen! Vi vill göra ...
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Wedding featured on swedish wedding blog
  We are stoked to announce that we've got a wedding published on a wedding blog! It's the swedish blog Ditt Bröllop we are talking about. It's the first wedding published on a wedding blog for both of us so yeah, we're really happy about this! And it could never be done without Sofia & Helge, thank you. Go over t ...
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Sneak Peek • Bröllopsfotograf i Hunnebostrand/Ulebergshamn – Hunnebostrand/Ulebergshamn wedding photographer
What about this magnificent place to hold a wedding ceremony? It's "kompassrosen" in Ulebergshamn, a village near Hunnebostrand on the swedish west coast. The houses to the left is Hunnebostrand and their beach Hästedalen in the upper middle. Soon you will be able to see all the pictures from Pernilla & John's wedding!
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5th of december – Sweden /André's diary
What do you think of when you hear of Sweden? Winter? Blond girls? Awesome wedding photographers? Today it was winter. It's chaos everywhere, my friend almost crashed on the highway with a big truck, in our capital city Stockholm everything is beyond control. The trains don't work. Like it always is when the winter arrives. ...
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