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Gabriella & Christoffer - Bröllopsfotograf Falköping

Gabriella & Christoffer

Love and Laughter.

Kurorten Mösseberg, Falköping.
This sweet 50’s style wedding took place on the fabulous and famous spa Mössebergs Kurort. A place where many go to get away, relax and just to enjoy life. With a long and rigid history that dates back to the late 1800s. This spa has a unique feel and is truly a beautiful place to host a wedding. (This area was first discovered and recognized by Carl von Linné in 1746). Pretty perfect place for a wedding.

Gabriella & Christoffer hosted a lovely 50’s inspired wedding in a gorgeous setting. Most of the wedding party were dressed accordingly and it all ended up being a beautiful wedding in the heart of Sweden.


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