Louise & David

Musical, Magical. Those are the first words that sprung to mind when thinking back to this wonderful day in August, last summer[2015].

From the moment Louise walked in with the organ playing the “Rebel Blockade Runner” (the Main Title from Star Wars) I knew I was in for a treat.
To the many musical elements performed by many of the guests, if not all of them made it a wedding to behold. It was entertaining like few other weddings and it all connected to their musical backgrounds.

I never wanted to leave this wedding when I was done shooting. It was truly something out of the ordinary and a wedding I will never going to forget.

This was a [very] local wedding at Odensåkers kyrka, and the venue was at Odensåkers Hembygdsförening. I (Benjamin) actually grew up just a few kilometers away from this venue and I used to graduate from school in this church when I was a kid. It was very nice being back on known ground to shoot this wedding.

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