Wedding photography 2013

This year have been a journey for both of us. We’ve been through a lot, both personal and business-wise. We’ve both grown as the people, photographers and as respective others we are.

2013 was our first years together. It was late 2012 when we started “doing” The Wedding Guys. It had gone from just a sketch in our heads to reality and it all went in a flash. Not really knowing what we’re getting into. You can say we’re naive, and we probably are (we are). With nothing but the dream of traveling the world and meeting people of all kinds is to drive us.

We are still (very) young, we are still (very) hungry, we are still (very) naive*. Maybe that’s our thing, the young and naive part. At least for now, for now it’s what defines what we do and what we are. You can not deny the truth, and neither shall we. We think that our business will evolve with us, it will grow and find it’s own ways. For we are nothing but humans.

* Naive is a positive word. You know what we mean.

So, what about 2014?
In 2014 our prime and only goal is to shoot more abroad. More destination weddings. As we mentioned above, we dream of travel and people. With travel comes people. So we’re giving it our best and working hard to reaching our dreams and to achieve our goals.

We’re stoked to begin our second season. We’re stoked for all the people we’re going to meet. For all the things and possibilities that lay before us. Because we are young, we are hungry and we are naive.

Thank you. Thank everyone and we wish you all a very happy new year!

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